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Our women’s ministry, “Women of Hope,” continues to build upon the wisdom and direction of those who served diligently since its inception, with the enthusiasm of those now serving. We seek to meet the needs of women within our congregation, and beyond!

Our deacon, Mary Kay Houghton, and others serve as our Executive Board of Women of Hope. Each board member has a team for which she is responsible, and the numbers of women who can serve on teams is limitless – everyone is welcome!

Check out the following areas of ministry, and pray about how YOU can become involved in Women of Hope. We’d love to welcome you to come alongside us as we work together to serve our church and our community.


Spiritual Growth area encourages and equips women to know God, understand His Word, and grow into women as described in Titus 2:4-5.  This ministry includes Bible studies and mentoring opportunities.

Hospitality is the area led by Barbara Vaughn who works closely with various team leaders, handling our church’s receptions, potlucks, funeral dinners, and fellowship hour, as well as providing for a kitchen coordinator to oversee the use of our kitchen.

Service is the ministry area which involves many teams – Chemo Care (providing snacks & drinks for local chemo patients), Caring Hands (preparing and delivering meals to church families who are recovering), and more. Many talented women see that these areas of service are accomplished with great care.

Celebrations is the ministry through which we celebrate with our new brides and moms in our congregation. Melissa Sechler leads this area celebrating with these special women. Melissa also serves the church as our wedding coordinator, assisting brides getting married in our facility with all details to make for a special day.

Fellowship is the area of ministry through which we provide great special events for our women as well as women in our community and area. Special events allowing for fellowship are planned each year. This ministry area is led by Bridget Fox.