SUNDAY SCHOOL- Starts September 10


"Redeemed" by Angela Thomas-Parr
Room 108 —                                                                                         "The moment you accept Jesus as the Lord over your life, you are redeemed. As the redeemed, we experience a lifelong journey of being transformed into HIs image. As redeemed women, we grow in the grace of Christ, and He calls us to extend grace to others. This study willexplores the practical side of redemption, inviting us to lean upon Jesus for our real help and hope."

Leader: Aimee Sarver



"Advancing Through Adversity" by Charles Stanley

"God has a plan and a purpose for you, and He can turn things to good regardless of the situation you face. These two key principles, rooted in Scripture and evidenced in the lives of Christians throughout the ages, must color the lenses through which you view adversity."

Leader: Brian Krizek



"The Circle Maker" by Mark Patterson      "What impossibly big dream is God calling you to draw a prayer circle around? Drawing prayer circles around our dreams isn't just a mechanism whereby we accomplish great things for God. It's a mechanism whereby God accomplishes great things in us.The Circle Maker also includes Batterson's newest insights on how God answers prayer along with stories that add convincing proof to the reality that God is able to do exceedingly far greater than all we could ask or imagine."

Leaders: Grant & Kristen Rardon



Defining God’s Method of Discipleship “AWANA” for Adults

"Something can only be perceived, discerned and understood to the level it can be defined. Definition has to come before understanding. Scripture is the content of discipleship. The act of discipleship, professes the ability to reproduce a correct understanding of Scripture, but may not possess the ability to. Scripture and an understand of it are two different things. Scripture is complete, inspired, and inerrant. An understanding of it is not. Scripture already has God’s approval. The believer is the one who needs God’s approval on how he understands it, and then disciples with it. (2 Timothy 2:15) Are we approved of by God in how we understand scripture? Come & find out."

Leader: Jon Rausch