"The Storm Inside" by Sheila Walsh Room 108
"In The Storm Inside, you will find rest in the most calming of truths—that you are always a child of God no matter how you feel. In these pages, you will learn to see yourself as God sees you, not as someone forever tossed by the waves but as a woman fully known, fully loved, and growing ever deeper in faith and hope"
Leader: Esther Rettig-Houdesheldt



"Financial Freedom" by Jim Sammons
Room 204

Leaders: Scott & Pat Whitley


"What is the call of God for your life?" by Charles Stanley Room 201
Leaders: Konner & Brittany Bergstrom


Defining God’s Method of Discipleship “AWANA” for Adults
Room 203

"Something can only be perceived, discerned and understood to the level it can be defined. Definition has to come before understanding. Scripture is the content of discipleship. The act of discipleship, professes the ability to reproduce a correct understanding of Scripture, but may not possess the ability to. Scripture and an understand of it are two different things. Scripture is complete, inspired, and inerrant. An understanding of it is not. Scripture already has God’s approval. The believer is the one who needs God’s approval on how he understands it, and then disciples with it. (2 Timothy 2:15) Are we approved of by God in how we understand scripture? Come & find out."

Leader: Jon Rausch