You are the real heroes. We firmly believe that parents, not churches, are the primary spiritual care givers of our students. You will always have more influence in a kids life than anyone else.  So if the church wants to impact students spiritually, doesn’t it make sense for the church to try to partner with the most powerful, influential people in those students’ lives in order to make that happen?


We use the term PARTNER for a reason.  It’s because we believe parents and the church need each other.  The church needs parents to be actively engaged with their kids’ spiritual growth, because they’re ultimately the biggest influencers of their own children.  And parents need the local church because their kids need to learn about and experience God from a whole community of believers!  We desire to help you integrate into the culture of partnering with the church. Together we can leverage our influence in a much more powerful way. Read how you can get started below!

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